July 24, 2015


Will the U.S. Post Office Buy Your Stamps Back?

No, the post office has no buy-back provision.

Is Selling Stamps legal?

Yes. Stamps are sold and bought by private parties, supermarkets, convenience stores, mail box outlets, etc. There is no law prohibiting this.

Stamp Selling Tips

New and complete condition: Books and/or rolls are in excellent/good condition.  No folds, no bends and all stickers are intact. Rolls must be unopened. There are exclusion to this guide, please read more below. If you have more questions please call us.

  • US Postage Stamps; Forever Stamps, Christmas Stamps, Non-Personalized Stamps and more
  • Stamps must be self adhesive
  • Stamps with a total reimbursement value of $10 or more are eligible
  • We accept any quantity of U.S. postage stamps of any age & denomination
  • Complete booklets and sheets have the highest reimbursement rates but we also accept partial books, sheets, and even single stamps and stamped envelopes (see rates on Rates page).
  • Large coils, books, sheets are also acceptable
  • Denominational stamps above .63 cents individual face value.
  • Individual stamps with split backing.

    Please Note: We do not appraise or purchase stamp collections.


Have Questions?

 Send us an Email! We’re happy to answer questions and help expedite your stamp sale.